Kenya - Thunguri

Factory Info

Thunguri is a primary wet mill or “factory” as they are known in Kenya, located on the southern slopes of Mount Kenya in Kirinyaga District. It is associated with Kibirigwi Co Operative and has a total of 1025 active farmers delivering coffee each year to be fully washed, processed and sun dried.

Each small holder farmer has roughly half an acre of coffee producing land, with around 270 trees, meaning each tree can be cared for with immaculate attention to detail. Before pulping commences, all cherries are hand selected to remove any that are not perfectly ripe to ensure consistent and quality coffee is produced.

The coffee is bright blue / green in colour, bold with a brilliant white centre cut common in the bold beans from Fully Washed East Africans. In the cup, it has a rich body, bright acidity with juicy blackcurrant, forest fruits, citric honey, and sweet juicy notes.

Farmland & Atmosphere

Size 520 Acres
Trees 280,000+
Altitude 1600-1800 masl
Soil Variety Deep red volcanic soil
Rainfall approx. 1,500mm (in two rainy seasons)
Processing Fully washed, wet processed, sun dried