Guatemala - San Juan

Farm History:
San Martin Jilotepeque, a valley over from Antigua and it is a relatively new region for coffee growing in Guatemala. It is a very dry area, however the soils are virgin; with coffee being the first crop ever harvested. This gives the region a great advantage due to the amounts of nutrients founds in the land. Coffee from the area tends to be exported as an ‘Antigua’ coffee. However we believe it deserves to be recognized as a region in itself. Oscar Guicoy started farming and trading coffee around San Martin since he was 18 years old, now 15 years later he is the key person in the area. He has a very small which produces one of the best coffees in the area. Since this area has little to no water sources – no lakes, fresh water springs, rivers – having a wet mill, which requires lots of water to operate, is not viable. This is why the region is known for having a strong ‘cherry’ market. Our Broker, Third Wave Coffee Source, purchased this coffee in its cherry form and drove it over 2 hours to their very own wet mill in Finca El Hato.

Cup: Clean coffee with a mellow mouthfell. Pleasant citrus acidity, fruity sweetness and milk chocolate aftertaste.

Farmland & Atmosphere

Farm San Juan
Varietals Bourbon, Caturra, Catuai
Processing Fully Washed and sun dried on patio
Farm Size 10 Hectars (24 Acres)
500 – 5,700 ft (1,675-1,745 mts) above sea level
Rainfall 900mm (35 inches) per year
Shade Trees Cujes and Grabileas