Colombia - San Gerardo


In this estate the crop is shaded with trees of Eucaenay Carbonero. The farmer lives with his wife and his two children. At harvest time the farm employs 15 to 20 people per day. The state uses pulp to produce manure.

This estate is surrounded by rivers and streams and it is a meeting point of three settlements of the corregimiento of San Ignacio. Buesaco is located 37 miles northeast of capital Nariño department and limits to the north with San Lorenzo, Arboleda, Albán and the Tablón; from the east to the Tablón and the department of Putumayo; by the south with Pasto and the department of Putumayo and the west with Pasto and Chachagüi. Is located at an altitude of 1959 mts on sea level. With a temperature of 18 degrees celsius. Their total area is 682 square miles and their average rainfall is of 1400 annual cubic millimeter.

Farmland & Atmosphere

Name San Gerardo
Location Buesaco
Coffee Type Caturra
Processing Washed
Drying Sun dried on patio
Altitude 1959m
Taste Pecan nut taste and juicy tangerine acidity. Buttery mouth feel and delicate sweet finish.