Brazil - Ipanema

Taste: Pleasant acidity, distinct body, intense flavour and lasting sweetness with an evident presence of chocolate.

Behind Ipanema’s coffee quality there is a complex modern organizational infrastructure. Since its foundation in 1969, the company has aimed at providing a full range of specialty coffees, with consistency and traceability. Since then, Ipanema has merited awards and distinctions, being recognized as one of the best Coffee Production Companies in the world with the most exquisite coffees.

Conquista Farm:
Located on the shores of Furnas Lake, it is considered one of the largest continuous coffee farms in the world.
Soil: Set in metamorphic rock, its mostly clay soils are rich in decomposable minerals, which gives it high water retention capabilities.
Climate: The region’s mild subtropical climate is ideal for uniform coffee ripening. The proximity to the lake offers a unique microclimate.
Altitude: Topography is very flat and coffee is grown between the altitudes of 780 and 850 m.

Capoeirinha Farm:
Located in South Minas Gerais, Fazenda Capoeirinha was the first farm bought by Ipanema in 1969.
Soil: Set in metamorphic rock, the mostly clay soils were formed from crystalline based rocks rich in decomposable minerals, giving it high water retention capabilities.
Climate: Mild subtropical climate with humid and rainy summers and dry winters, ideal for coffee ripening. Summer temperatures hover around 24°C while winter temperatures are close to 18°C with occasional frost in severe winter conditions.
Altitude: Coffee is grown between the altitudes of 780 and 950 m.

Rio Verde Farm:
Embedded in the Serra da Mantiqueira mountains, the over 100 year old Fazenda Rio Verde was acquired by Ipanema in 2002. Surrounded by native forests, blessed with abundant waterfalls and beautiful trails, this farm is a true nature sanctuary.
Soil: Predominantly formed by clay soils, its red latosols are rich in decomposable minerals.
Climate: The mountainous region has its own microclimate. With mild temperatures between 18°C and 23°C.
Altitude: Ranging from 800 to 1,350 m. Most farming operations are manual.

Farmland & Atmosphere

Name Ipanema
Location Minas Gerais, Brazil
Farm Capoerinha, Conquista, Rio Verde
Coffee Type Yellow Bourbon
Processing Pulped Natural
Elevation 800 – 1350 masl