About Us


About Us

“Portico Coffee is a local coffee shop in Waterford City that specializes in Single Origin coffee both through the Espresso Machine & as a Pour Over. All of our coffee is roasted in Ireland by Badger & Dodo Boutique Coffee Roasters. #porticocoffeewaterford”

Portico Coffee is owned by a local Christian Church in Waterford City. All of our Baristas work on a volunteer basis & are well trained in the art of making coffee. Our goal is to put the customer first, not only do we wish to offer the best coffee, but our hope is to provide a warm & friendly atmosphere in which to enjoy it.

Whether you live in Waterford or are just passing through, please come and visit us at 1 Peter Street, located in the heart of Waterford City.

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What does 'Single Origin' mean?

When we say a coffee is a ‘Single Origin,’ it simply means that the coffee was grown in one single geographical location and is not mixed with beans from other locations.

Why? What's The Difference?

Beans from different origins have unique flavour characteristics. Some have stronger, darker notes, while others are fruitier & sweeter. Sometimes different beans don’t compliment each other or different flavours overwhelm one another; in using single origins, we hope to give you the most flavourful experience from of each bean.

Staff Favourite

One of our favourite beans amongst the staff at Portico is a Mexican bean from the Finca Muxbal Farm.

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